Preservice Teacher MWEE

Millersville University continues to prepare the next generation of teachers by training them on how to use meaningful watershed educational experiences (MWEE) in the classroom. This past fall, Dr. Abdul Ibrahim integrated Environmental Education and MWEEs into his Instructional Technology in Elementary Education course, EDFN 320, which helps students explore technology applications in the classroom.Continue reading “Preservice Teacher MWEE”

Healthy Pond Project

Norfolk Collegiate’s (NC) 3rd graders teamed up with Virginia Wesleyan University (VWU) students to improve the health of their local watershed.  Michelle McNaughton and Lolita Kraft, Norfolk Collegiate teachers, focused their MWEE on how invasive plants negatively impact the watershed. Invasive plants can take over native plants and force them out of their ecosystem.  InContinue reading “Healthy Pond Project”